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Our office closes 22 Dec & reopens 2 Jan – Orders can still be placed online and will be processed on our return!


Why Greeting Cards are Important

 Connecting people across distances…

Most of us will have experienced the sheer joy that comes with sending or receiving a perfectly chosen greeting card. Greeting cards are more than paper; they’re a heartfelt way to connect with people.

Bringing People Together: The Benefits of Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are, and always will be, a timeless treasure. They can be used to spread joy, celebration and heartfelt sentiments. Whether it’s to send birthday wishes or to let someone know you’re thinking of them during a difficult time, cards bridge the gap, no matter how far the distance. During the Covid-19 pandemic they became even more significant, as the perfect way to stay connected.

Embracing the Origin of Greeting Cards

Did you know that the concept of sending messages on cards dates back centuries? Ancient Egyptians used papyrus scrolls to send greetings, and during Victorian times, sending postcards was considered the height of fashion.

The first Christmas card was sent in 1843 by civil servant and entrepreneur Henry Cole. Struggling to find time to write Christmas letters to all his friends and family he commissioned his friend, artist John Callcott Horsley, to design a festive card for him to send instead. Cole had a thousand copies of the design printed, ready to spread some festive cheer. As well as sending the cards to his friends, Cole’s Christmas card was also published and offered for sale at a shilling a piece, making it the first commercial Christmas card! Henry Cole was also instrumental in reforming the British postal system, helping to set up the Uniform Penny Post, which was the catalyst to a huge growth in the sending of cards. Henry Cole’s name lives on in the greeting card industry through The Henries Awards, the annual UK greeting card awards which celebrates the wonderful creativity of the industry.

The sentiment of connecting through handwritten words has endured through the ages. Since the 1840s the popularity of sending cards has grown and grown and there are now around a billion Christmas cards bought in the UK each year.

The Relevance of Greeting Cards Today: Touching Hearts in the Digital Age

Although we now live in a digital age, greeting cards are still as relevant as ever. Nothing beats a physical card that you can hold in your hands. These small tokens carry immense significance to both the sender and the recipient. A card displayed on the mantel isn’t just décor; it’s a daily reminder of the person who sent it and the feelings they hold.

Creating Lasting Connections, One Card at a Time

Greeting cards remain one of the most popular ways to stay in touch and are a fantastic addition to any store. These seemingly simple pieces of paper ensure that no matter the distance, emotions can always reach their destination. By stocking a wide range of cards in your shop you’re participating in a tradition that will never go out of style. Browse our website to take a look at all the beautiful cards we have to offer. 💌

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