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Our office closes 22 Dec & reopens 2 Jan – Orders can still be placed online and will be processed on our return!


The Art of Assortment Planning:
Creating the Perfect Balance of Greeting Cards

Discover how to stock your shop with the right selection of greeting cards for your customers…

Whether it’s a chuckle-inducing birthday wish or a heartfelt condolence, greeting cards connect us in a way other mediums can’t. The average person sends around 20 cards per year making them a fantastic addition to any store, and their versatile nature means they’ll bring in sales all year round. But when it comes to which cards to stock, where should you start? We’re here to guide you through the process of assortment planning, ensuring your shop is carrying the perfect blend of greeting cards to draw in customers time and time again.

Which Greeting Cards Would Sell the Most in My Shop? Choosing the Perfect Card Combo

When it comes to choosing an effective card selection for your store, careful consideration is key. The cards you offer need to stand out on your shelves, encouraging customers to purchase even if they were originally visiting your shop to buy something else. From celebrations that scream “Let’s party!” to those quiet moments of sympathy, your cards should cover the whole emotional spectrum.

Why a Well-Rounded Selection Matters

Okay, so you’ve already got greeting cards for birthdays covered. But what about anniversaries, graduations and all those other special moments that come around in the year? A diverse card collection speaks to different customers and keeps them coming back for more. Remember, it’s all about being the go-to spot for any card-worthy occasion.

Data-Driven Insights: Not Just for Tech Wizards

Don’t panic, data doesn't have to be scary—it's your secret to assortment success! Look at your sales records and get to grips with your customers' preferences. Do they go wild for witty humour? Or are they all about beautiful, classic designs? Tailoring your selection to their tastes will mean you create the perfect balance of cards for your customers.

Niche Cards: The Unconventional Heroes

Let’s talk about niche cards. You know, those cards that cater to specific interests like cat lovers, coffee addicts, or unicorn fanatics? These cards are the hidden gems in your store. Stocking them is like saying, “Hey, we get you,” and customers absolutely love that.

Trends & Seasonality

Staying on top of holidays, seasons and trends will drive purchases all year round. Whether it’s spreading the love with some Valentine’s wishes in February or sending some festive cheer in December, customers will keep coming back if you’ve got the right cards for the occasion.

Paperlink: Where Your Assortment Dreams Come True

Now, you might be thinking, "This all sounds fantastic, but where can I find the cards that tick all these boxes?" Say hello to Paperlink! We're the creators of cards that people can't resist picking up. Our unique, handcrafted designs are bold, beautiful and brilliant and are sure to make a statement in your shop. Our reps are assortment planning geniuses and will create a winning card selection for your store. With our help your customers will feel seen, heard and understood and the sales will keep coming in! Browse our website to see everything we have to offer.

Let's Cardify Your Store Together!

Ready to make your card assortment shine? Just get in touch. Paperlink will turn your store into the go-to card destination. Let’s make every occasion unforgettable, one card at a time! 💌✨

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